The Millstein Center is a premier research institution focused on the wide array of issues facing corporations and the capital markets today. The role and structure of corporate ownership is being redefined in a manner not seen in over a century, and the Millstein Center is on the forefront of the cutting-edge academic research necessary in order to bring about the business and policy solutions required as a result.

Counter-Narratives Project

The Counter-Narratives Project explores alternative theories to the conventional shareholder primacy paradigm—the theory that shareholder interests should be prioritized above the interests of all other stakeholders (including debtholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, the community, and the corporation itself).

Future of the Corporation Project

With a seismic shift towards the concentration of corporate ownership in the hands of institutional investors and the private ownership of companies, corporate boards and management are facing unprecedented shareholder and societal demands. Through the Future of the Corporation Project, the Millstein Center seeks to delineate what that future corporation should look like, proposing a new, forward-looking narrative on the purpose and governance of the corporate form.

Additional Research

In addition to research related to specific projects, the Millstein Center and its faculty and fellows conduct research in all areas of corporate governance and the global markets. Find the latest faculty and fellow publications here.