About the Center

The role of the corporation in society is undergoing profound change. With a seismic shift towards the concentration of corporate ownership in the hands of institutional investors and the private ownership of companies, corporate boards and management are facing unprecedented shareholder and societal demands. This includes the proliferation of shareholder activism and institutional investor calls for sustainable investment strategies.

The mission of the Millstein Center is to positively shape and influence the future of the corporation in this new paradigm. Through engagement with business leaders, corporate boards, investors, the legal community and academics, the Center creates meaningful dialogue, while balancing conflicting points of view, to strengthen corporate governance and performance. 

The Center achieves this mission through a two-pronged approach. First, through engagement with corporate leaders on the most pressing issues facing corporations today, the Center creates the networks, best practices and tools necessary for those leaders to successfully navigate these challenges. Second, the Center addresses critical research questions, bridging the gap between academics and practitioners, and bringing academic rigor to the business and policy solutions required.

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