The Millstein Center is a premier research institution focused on the wide array of issues facing corporations, and the capital markets, today. The role and structure of corporate ownership is being redefined in a manner not seen in over a century, and the Millstein Center is on the forefront of the cutting edge academic research necessary in order to bring about the business and policy solutions required as a result.

Future of the Corporation Project

Recognizing that the role of the corporation in society is undergoing profound change, the Millstein Center launched its Future of the Corporation Project in 2018. With a seismic shift towards the concentration of corporate ownership in the hands of institutional investors and the private ownership of companies, corporate boards and management are facing unprecedented shareholder and societal demands. Through the Future of the Corporation Project, which draws on the world-class resources and faculty of Columbia University, the Millstein Center seeks to delineate what that future corporation should look like, proposing a new, forward-looking narrative on the purpose and governance of the corporate form.   

The Project includes ongoing discrete, but related and dependent, research projects that each stand as its own line of inquiry and add to the body of knowledge in corporate law, governance and finance. Collectively they begin to build a needed body of research that defines and reflects the evolution of the corporation and the context in which businesses function, from the social and political to the financial and economic.

Ongoing research projects include:

  • The Rise of Private Markets and the Decline of Public Equity
  • The Implications for Informed Evidence Policy Making in an Era of Privatization
  • Berle Means, 2020 Edition – The Effect of Ownership “Reconcentration” on Corporate Governance
  • Boards 3.0 – Governance Models from Private Equity
  • Competence and Conflict Costs – Control Devices in the Public Market
  • Climate Risk Disclosures – Who’s Disclosing and Who Should Be?

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