Nom/Gov Committee Chair Forum

The Nom/Gov Committee Chair Forum is a network that brings together the chairs of Nominating and Governance Committees in a peer-to-peer setting twice per year to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that they face. Nom/Gov Chairs have a critical role to play in the identification, recruitment, selection and evaluation of individual board members. Too often, board composition is backwards, not forward, looking. Nom/Gov Chairs must lead the evaluation and performance review process of the board and of all its members, assessing and inventorying the capabilities of the current director group and comparing those with the corporation’s prospective needs. They also play the critical role of ensuring that the board achieves diversity of thought and experience in order to optimize results. This network convenes Nom/Gov Chairs to discuss these critical questions, as well as provides practical information as to how they can lead their boards to success.

If you are a chair of a Nominating and Governance Committee that is interested in joining the Nom/Gov Committee Chair Forum, or for more information, please contact the Center's Executive Director, Kristin Bresnahan, at or 212-854-0083.