Governance Leadership Forum

The Millstein Center, in partnership with Deloitte, is launching a new network to bring together the chairs of board nominating and governance committees (“Nom-Gov Chairs”) in a peer-to-peer setting twice per year to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face.

As the need for stronger boards (and therefore stronger, more engaged directors) grows, Nom-Gov Chairs have a critical leadership role to play in the identification, recruitment, selection and evaluation of individual board members. Too often, board composition is backward-looking, reflecting companies’ past rather than their future. Nom-Gov Chairs must also ensure that the board achieves the diversity of thought and experience necessary to achieve optimal results. Nom-Gov Chairs lead the evaluation and performance review process of the board and its members, assessing and inventorying the capabilities of the current director group based on the company’s prospective needs. They strongly influence the culture in the boardroom and help to structure how the board spends its valuable time.

This new network, launching in 2019, will convene Nom-Gov Chairs to discuss these key issues and will provide practical information that Nom-Gov Chairs can use to lead their boards to success. The publication of meeting summaries and research related to the topics and discussions of the Forum will further advance the dialogue and practices around the vital role of the Nom-Gov Chair.

Topics that the Forum will address include, among others:

  • director nomination and recruitment processes,
  • director and board quality and engagement,
  • director and board evaluations,
  • board composition and diversity,
  • board culture,
  • board interaction with investors and other stakeholders, and
  • the relationship between the Board Chair, CEO and Nom-Gov Chair.

If you are a chair of a Nominating and Governance Committee that is interested in joining the Governance Leadership Forum, or for more information, please contact the Center's Executive Director, Kristin Bresnahan, at or 212-854-0083.